Global Voices is a non-profit project that offers various real-life stories and columns on belongingness. The mission of this project is to share stories of real people overcoming pressure and personal issues finding their voice and their platform to fulfil their potential as leaders.

My name is Anne-Marie Finch and I am on a mission. I have worked with growing people potentials for more than 20 years. It´s been and still is my personal and professional passion and my academic specialization. Today, I see a huge paradigm shift when it comes to leadership. A shift from head to heart – from instinct to intuition – from tactics to authenticity and a universal need for pure humanity.

Hence, my purpose with Global Voices is to share the global voices of the most extraordinary leaders I have met around the world. Their life stories will be shared as podcasts with generous insights into how these leaders survived tremendous pressure in their upbringings and personal lives and how their experiences respectively have impacted their leadership and opened up their hearts to greatness.

I strongly believe that we have so many talents who need to be awakened to join forces with the new leadership paradigm in order to educate leaders of the old paradigm to better scale belongingness. This group of unawakened talents might not think or know that their qualities are what we now need more than ever. Hence, my hope is that the different global real-life stories may bring new perspectives to the definition of leadership talent to help awaken and onboard more influencers who are truly human.

In addition to the podcasts, Global Voices offers different columns highlighting areas within the field of belongingness. Since 2016, I´ve been a writer for acknowledged business newspapers in Denmark. The various themes stem from my personal and professional experiences having held executive positions in the big corporates and accelerating growth companies.

Anne-Marie Finch

Anne-Marie Finch is the founder of the Global Voices project. With vast expertise within both large and small businesses from the big corporates to fast-scaling companies. She is an experienced People Executive, calling herself Belongingness Officer

Anne-Marie Finch holds dual citizenship (British/Danish) and has a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Psychology specializing in Talent Management with continuing education in Change Management and Executive Coaching. In 2015, Anne-Marie was named a Top100 Talent within Leadership and in 2017 and 2018, Anne-Marie Finch was named one of Denmark’s 100 most influential women.

Occasionally Anne-Marie writes columns on leadership and belongingness for Danish Daily Børsen.

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Anne-Marie Finch

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