Thoughts on belongingness

The unjust price of justice

Covid-19 has made me look more inward and I have found things I want to nourish and one specific thing that I no longer want to nourish: namely, my sense of justice. It is huge and powerful, and when it really has hold of me,…

Thoughts on belongingness

The Personal Legend of Entrepreneurship

“Don’t forget that everything is one big whole. And don’t forget the language of the omens. And – above all – don’t forget to follow your Personal Legend all the way to the end.” At the end of Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece, ‘The Alchemist’, the protagonist…

Thoughts on belongingness

Love for something greater

Deepak Chopra, an acknowledged Indian American doctor, spiritual teacher and author, translates EGO to “Edging God Out”. Said differently, the EGO edges out the purpose, the love – and the passion – for something bigger than yourself. What’s bigger than yourself is what drives the…

Thoughts on belongingness

The story that is told about you

The speech that you hear in connection with your departure isn’t necessarily the same as the story that is told about you on Monday morning when someone new is sitting in your chair. And I have started to wonder why this is the case. The…