Morten Kvist Carl
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Episode 06 – Morten Kvist Carl, army ranger and navy seal

Morten is the only person in Denmark having achieved both the elite army ranger education and the navy seal education. He is an exceptionel leader who inspires us in this episode with the fact that there´s no clear line or box that good and evil fit into and that pure intentions, extreme ownership and accountability for yourself and the teams are key.


Episode 4 – Nada Elkady about strength through struggle

Possibility is at the core of what drives leadership coach and former marketing executive Nada Elkady from New York City. Nada has managed to continually empower herself to rise above hardship and break through levels of growth — supporting, influencing and empowering others along the…

Podcasts, Stories of people

Episode 2 – Fatima, world class researcher

Anne-Marie Finch talks to Fatima AlZahra´a Alatraktchi who is acknowledged as one of the most influential researchers globally. In a young age, Fatima proved her talent by working hard, adding creativity to her research – always sharing of compassion. Fatima´s global voice is here today to inspire with wisdom within various areas, among others how to scale belongingness in the world of research.
If you have questions, thoughts and comments, please feel free to contact Fatima at alzahraa@ruc.dk.