Many years ago, I met Wayan from Bali who became my mentor for a period of my life. His teachings I paid tribute to in the column, “What Wayan taught me”, and since then a lot of water has run in the stream. Wayan remains my good friend, but I have learned to pass on his wisdom to others I help along the way based on my education, professional and personal experience.

That’s the value of Oneness: That we are one big whole and can make each other more whole people if we are aware of the difference we can make. That we can use our power as a life force energy.

It’s entirely up to us. We choose. Whether we choose consciously or unconsciously, we continue to choose. Even when we try to not take responsibility, we are still responsible.

If I have to sum up a significant learning over the last few years, it has been that you should not put your light under a bushel.

I get a lot of inquiries for every column from people who experience how they fight for their light, but my struggles have shown me that you can end up fighting in vain. In the column, “Are you powerful?”, I therefore differentiate between being powerfilled in order to be powerful.

Overdraft on the account

If you fight, you are drained energy-wise, and at best you can end up powerful without being powerfilled. In this way, you can run a little further on the Litre, which can be misconceived to a full tank. At worst, you end up completely empty of fuel and power-poor. In both situations, you live in overdrafts on your energy account.

When you are power-poor, your light often ends up under a bushel because you have come far away from yourself and your original starting point. Far away from the personal project that is a daily driving force, and it can take time to find your way back.

“Putting one’s light under a bushel” is an expression derived from the Bible: “You are the light of the world, and it must be visible, just as a city lying on a mountain can be seen far away… Likewise, let the light you have been given shine for people.”

Perhaps the most vital focus is therefore to ensure the force of the flame in one´s own light, and not put it under a bushel.

In the previous columns, I have made statements, respectively, for boards and investors, to scale only companies that are at the forefront of ensuring human sustainability. So now I’m writing to you out there.

Recognize your value

Dear you. You don’t have to wait for those who decide where you are to become aware of your value and give you better conditions in everyday life to shine your light. There is a much better place to be where you shouldn’t put your light under a bushel. A place where you don’t have to “fitting in”. A place where you experience “belongingness” – an affinity – and can be exactly you.

The first step is to recognize your value, surrender to a better life and pull yourself out of the fray. Because it maintains and solves nothing. That is what I am trying to portray in the column “The unjust price of justice”.

Therefore, do not fight for a better world, even if you are invited to do so. It taps you. Instead, be the better world: “Stand up for what you want, don’t fight what you don’t want”. 

Hence, if your light lives under a bushel. Pack your suitcases and get ready for your next adventure. Dream big and be ready for take-off.

I’m rooting for you! Because remember that you are the light of the world, and it must be visible far away.