‘Some believe conductors are born, not made. Linhan Cui is a human embodiment of that idea’.

A Conductor who believes that music can make people better and create world peace. This is a goal for Linhan. Using her energy to contribute to a better world via the power of music.

The non-profit project, Global Voices: globalvoices.online, is the 4th most popular management podcast on Apple Podcasts and we’re happy to welcome another Global Influencer: The world famous Chinese Conducter Linhan Cui.

Questions or feedback to Linhan Cui?

If you have questions, thoughts and comments, please feel free to contact Linhan Cui at cuilinhan@outlook.com

Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Episode 05 - Linhan Cui, world famous conductor about the power of music