Olga, my former leadership colleague from Kyiv, is sharing her wisdom: Among other things one can only feel belongingness with others if one feels belongingness with oneself. There is a huge strength in being ‘in circle’ with others. Since the war escalated, she’s been in contact with approx. 100 people from Kyiv every morning and evening.

There is value in being in acceptance, keeping going and focusing on one win at a time. Just getting up in the morning and getting dressed is a decision.

Previously, Olga would sit with her girlfriends and consider which cafe she would choose when enjoying a Cappucino. Now she is just grateful that a human being serves a cup of coffee to her. The view of ‘humanity’ has changed.

Olga faces a dilemma when others are struggling and whether one must and can enjoy life, but she advices that a timeout is also important.

I asked Olga what she would say to her President if she sat in front of him. She told me, that she had not voted for him but that she would like to thank him for his leadership, for staying, showing and paving the way.

Finally, she sends a hearty message: If you lose hope, remember one thing, to breathe.

Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Episode 07 - Olga from Kyiv: At least, remember to breathe