Possibility is at the core of what drives leadership coach and former marketing executive Nada Elkady from New York City. Nada has managed to continually empower herself to rise above hardship and break through levels of growth — supporting, influencing and empowering others along the way. Despite having had a life journey full of adversity, including surviving child abuse and domestic violence, getting out of an arranged marriage, and being a single mother of 3 for over 16 years, she switched careers and worked her way to becoming the VP of Marketing at several emerging high tech companies. And she is now taking her passion for growth and all her learnings to help individuals and companies break through perceived limitations, achieve their goals, and transform to higher levels of being.

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If you have questions, thoughts and comments, please feel free to contact Nada Elkady at nttelkady@gmail.com.

Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Tales of belongingness by Global Voices
Episode 4 - Nada Elkady about strength through struggle